The Road To Nothingness



Fall colors blaze out in concentric rings from a lake in eastern Pomerania, Poland. The region on the south shore of the Baltic Sea is largely covered with farmland and vast swaths of forest.
Source ((Travel 365, National Geographic)

"I shut down to protect myself."

- 6 word story (m.s.)

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"You’re a waste. You hide behind your hair and you never go to parties. You have no friends and you have managed to fuck up just about everything, you can’t really cry because you know it is your fault but you have to for some reason, it’s an addiction to become this self-induced mess with bruises and cuts. You bite your nails and your lip and listen to sad music while watching every other human being living their life, fulfilling every part of it and you wonder why you are so depressed and miserable, it is because it is your fault. Stop trying to feel misunderstood and just realize no one cares, you shouldn’t either."

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julian davidson 




I want to lick you until you’re shaking….

Until your eyes rolls back


and youve pulled off all the bedding


Milking the Toro Double Micro.

gat daym